Run YaCy

First, you need a running YaCy Server and you must put in the documents to search.
Download YaCy

Modify the YaCy Server Address

Open the file js/setup.js and put in the server address of your YaCy. If you run YaCy with default settings on the same server with these files, then just leave everything as it is.


The templates are listed in the top menu. The links to the templates are in yacysearch/navigation.js. You may recogize that it is possible to show search results in different ways! ('paragraph' lists, tables with files, download lists, image grids, ..). If you don't like some of these option, remove the call to the corresponding model in explorer.js.

To change the icon, edit the search template file (i.e. yacysearch/explorer.html). To change colors, edit the file css/yacysearch-portal.css

Change titles, the name of the search headline and colors as you like. Throw away the other search pages which you don't like and add your own web pages. Just edit the file navigation.js and put in the names of the web pages which shall appear in the top menu.

License: (CC-BY 2.0) and GPL2

This template collection is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 License (CC-BY 2.0). This work is based on the bootstrap.css CSS Framework which is also licensed under (CC-BY 2.0).

If you use this design, please attribute with a link to searchpage_template_bootstrap.css (, the bootstrap.css CSS Framework ( and YaCy ( as given in the example template. You can of course modify the header, texts, icons, colours, styles and everything else as you like.